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gpCAM is an API and software for autonomous data acquisition. It is entirely data-source agnostic and can therefore be used to steer simulations and experiments. The tool is based on a flexible Gaussian process (GP) engine. Given some initial data, a model including uncertainties can be created. Both can be combined in an acquisition function whose maxima will constitute new optimal measurements or simulations. Visit the gpCAM website for more information.


fvGP is the Gaussian process engine running within gpCAM. The tool uses torch-driven linear algebra and full HPC-ready optimization for the training.


HGDL is an asynchronous distributed optimizer that is tailored to be used on high-performance computing architectures. It is based on a hybrid local/global optimization plus deflation which allows us to remove optima from the function.

Solutions to Eikonal and Wave Equations

Much of my work as a PhD candidate was concerned with developing algorithms and software that simulates wave propagation. The focus was on GPU-enabled finite-difference algorithms.